Mill Hill 2s 31-31 OMs 2s

A case of poor maths in this brown derby, so called because both teams wear brown and share a similar name. The ref, clearly fell asleep in Mr Slade’s lessons because with 2 minutes to go , he stated that the ‘posh half ‘ were leading by 2 points. We . as what normally happens with our games, contrived to ‘lose’ in the last play of the match be conceding a score. This has happened in 3 out of our 4 games this year! PRH, unconsolable at this point, trudged disdainfully towards the dressing room.

Harry Wheeler-Dealer, who clearly did pay attention to Mr Slade counted the tries correctly . He duly marched into the referees changing room in a manner only he can explain, demanding a recount! Appeal upheld and the score was revised to the correct 31-31 , which is probably fair.

As you know, selection committee members and vice captains are excluded from the reckoning for man of the match unless there are EXCEPTIONAL circumstances and on Saturday, we had an exceptional performance from a mabulla stalwart in Fraser who really needs no further introduction. His mother in law travelled down from deepest darkest North Herts and was distracted when Fraser scored his first try. This only served to make Fraser angrier(not to be recommended) and he duly exclaimed ‘ I will have to score another try which my wife and mother in law can actually witness’ and that’s what he dully did. Like London busses, his tries came within minutes of each other and this time, it was witnessed. He has been waiting years between each of the tries and perhaps there something in bringing mother in law to matches

Great performances from Wheeler Dealer (you could argue it was a match saving performance) and Woodlouse who isn’t too bothered by the finer technical aspects of the game. He is all about fearlessness and willingness to do anything for the benefit of the team. Tobeigh Davis is growing in stature and Maison is fast and technical. Arian Kamali has been a major force this season with one man of the match award already. Our centre pairing of Daveigh and Nick Leakey are learning from ach other with Daveigh the bludgeon and Nick the rapier. Alex Merody, an ever present at training , keeps telling me that he can play better. Well he is playing the best I have seen him in 8 years! Wetzig hasn’t changed one bit, an expert on saying things ‘how it is’

Although, we haven’t quite hit the winning habit yet, I am confident that the squad is building nicely. Popeye( Christos-ask Oli Avent why?) is beginning to assert himself as a tactician and brain and its hard to imagine that he shares Pany’s dna because they are so different. You wouldn’t ask Popeye to do an after dinner speech (Pany definitely!) but you would ask him to organise a back line.

I am also excited about players that are due to return. Such as Paul Wyllie, Seb, JT, Stan, Duncan, Homme du Sex, Oiseau, Zak T and Alex Boyles , all of whom have been pestered on a weekly basis. They will provide the size and strength needed to mount a challenge. It’s a really bizarre league with many defaulted fixtures and as you know, if you win half the games and turn up and lose the other half, that usually wins you the league.

We musnt lose heart and wonderful things are happening behind closed doors at the club where Nic S, Oli A and even James R are really standing up and being counted, taking on a lot of administration. This results in our squads improving and a less desparate atmosphere around the club(Remember 2014-2015) when every Friday night was a last minute firefight with players bussed in from Northern cities at midnight and even I had to play 3 first team games. We have moved so far from those days and the club is going in the right direction.

We have no game on the 14th and our next game is away to Hemel where Fraser captains and manages the team. He is more persistent by text than I am so prompt responses please!!!!



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