London Japanese 50 Oms2s 50

Need I say more!!! The scoreline reflects the game which no side deserved to lose! It’s the perfect score to the perfect fixture and wish that every game I play in could be like that one.

Our typical bad start to the first quarter rendered us 3 scores adrift. Oli Avent came on and rescued the situation, bringing control and structure to the team. Great preformances from our centres in Miles and Rueben who just made yards and hits throughout. Duncan Beckman had a very effective handling game with rapid, accurate and game breaking passes which rendered a ‘backs vs backs’ contest. Kevin K had to negotiate his exeat pass carefully for this game (You will buy Mrs K that new posh frock-on the Saturday we don’t have a game) to good effect with threatening runs (and an interception try)-Kev K remarked on this game stating he had never played in such a backs dominant game. It was exactly that as the Japanese do what they always do and throw the ball stylishly without using the funny names that we do in training( I didn’t hear any razor or arrow off the red etc)

Man of the match was Alex Merody. Realizing that his slippery fish running game was going to be neutralised by even faster Japanese backs, he played like a forward, contesting every breakdown and maul. He has played Oms rugby since the 2s inception in 2009 and forgets sometimes that he actually loves rugby. This time he showed us why he loves rugby!. Closely followed by Seb who has a vast range of rugby skills at his disposal and pushing Tom Leach for POTY! There were 5 Champagne moment candidates. Nick Schilds for being injured and sneaking on in the last quarter past the punctilious ref, the ref himself for an alacrity for the technical parts of the game who announced himself (cant do the American accent) ‘ I referee at a high level and wont drop my standards because it’s a fun game’ – he didn’t! – the opposite to Matt Linden (who at least doesn’t take himself too seriously). Other champagne moment candidates were AK and Sexman for incurring the yellow wrath of the aforementioned ref(easily done!) but the overall winner was Phil ‘previously known as Grunty’ Smith for his match saving, last play try which he has explained in a phonecall from France’My body just did a pick and go and I reached for the line and got there –I didn’t intend to do that’ -Phil, vice captain in our first season, has been an essential part of the teams history and has contributed to the team’s greatest moment-the cup win against the pantomime baddies of Harpenden.

Mabulla law stipulates that PRH and Fraser are not allowed a mention this week(sorry! – to borrow a line from Fawlty Towers ‘I mentioned it once I think I got away with it’) and Ralph does what Ralph does – be a perfect club man in supporting his teammates in all aspects of the game.

Overall – the perfect score to the perfect game!



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