Brown and Yellows 24 Brown and Whites 56 (Mill Hill vs Old Millhillians)-We needed that!

We really needed to kickstart our season. Been tough so far but Saturday a terrific set of performances from 1-18 was exactly what we needed. Where do I start! – Normally I open with the man of the match but this was a hard one to call because there were 18 candidates on this occasion. Including the nattily attired Chris Roycroft who just oozes graceful urbanity. His most junior offspring Tom(who is doomed to look like Chris in the future) uplifts the team, no matter what he says or does. What a difference that family makes to our team-They only need to be there and we play better so its immaterial what they do(10 points from the boot isn’t too bad either).

Our French contingent excelled too. The Sexman is strong in the taquool, and loves to carry- Its amazing that he still keeps his pornstar looks despite his love of contact. He likes nothing more than educating his teammates on the differences between sex in Toulouse, Paris and London. He is equally shocked about his compatriot Stan’s ‘high intellect status’ in our team.

Stan is shocked too as the secret is out ‘you eengleesh zink zat I am cleveur but I woz the stupidest in ze class’ – Not so Stan. A 8 year stalwart of the club put a champagne moment winning performance with a try and an assist that may well have been his try. Stan is better known for the defensive side of his game so it was pleasing for him to win champagne moment for his attacking contribution.

Duncan does the Duncan thing, executing all the rugby skills he enjoys. He loves passing and running and makes things happen. A wonderful contributor to team culture. Emmanuel Merody really made his mark too with some excellent runs which showed a turn of speed. Remember that Alex his brother scored in the home fixture this season.

The Karikaris had mixed fortunes. Kevin is known for the beautiful side of the game while Keith thrives on the ugly parts. It was role reversal on Saturday with Kevin seeing traffic lights while Keith threw offloads! Kevin’s early try set the tone for the afternoon.

Some great running performances from 2 of our stars in Jack Fitzpatrick and Alex Spencer Hope. Putting fear in the opposition the moment they had the ball, tries followed naturally, as per last season-normal service has been resumed – Both have become senior mabulla men and really contribute!

Great Back row performances too. PRH does the PRH thing and steamrollers tired aging opponents (remember the Letchworth winger asking me after you ran through him ‘ How am I expected to stop that! – It’s like a goat charging at you!’) – Louis Bird tackling everything and man of the match Fraser for really putting in his best display in an Oms shirt. I don’t know if he is envious of Tom Leach who has 3 man of the matches to his name (he probably is) but he has put in 2 man of the match performances in the last 2 games. He was involved in every aspect of the game and an integral part of the team. He won so much ruck ball and ran more intelligent lines, making yards.

Great to see Jonno back where he belongs ! He understands the game and team culture and like Stan, has a 7 year history of the team. Jamie Steele adds a presence with pure power, although not all that keen on second row(I told him that Kevin K isn’t that keen on 2nd row either-I did ask Kevin if he wanted to play there and he said ‘NEVER!!!’)

A final word goes to our Front Row who again won the scrums that mattered. Great tackling by Fran on 2 occasions resulted in the ball being held up on our line and from the resulting 5 metre scrum , they didn’t walk us over the line and on the second occasion we won a line out because we pushed the scrum backwards and they got poor quality ball from the scrum. Brammers is a clever technical scrummager who out-thinks bigger tightheads. I think that these 2 scrums influenced the game because at 1 stage they were only 9 points behind us and had they scored from either of these 2 situations the result could have been different. However our refusal to concede at this point affected the yellow half of Mill Hill’s mood and we ran away with the game after that point. As you all know, This is the part of the game I am interested in and I can go on about this forever

A battle between 2 brown wearing teams that , apart from our unique colours, we have a lot in common (including our women!) We help each other out and generally a good feeling exists between these 2 clubs.

February is an important month with key home games, especially on 11th and 18th! (11th is really important as we play Tabard who have great backs which we can now match) – followed by my favourite game in Regents Park – The Japanese!


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