OMs 2s loads – Pinner 13


Final scoreline still disputed but that’s not very important right now! Is this a case of déjà vu-Oh Please Fraser, stop going on about that 2013-2014 season!- Tempting I know after 2 wins out of 2 and Tom Roycroft’s cavalry still to come!

The difference between the 2 sides. HAIR!!!!!. Pinner, who arrived with dated and dilapidated hairstyles, were no match for our expertly coiffeured team. Leading this charge on the hair front was our back 3 of Max Milton, Harry Grech and PRH. PRH, from a family tradition of high fashion, never lets anyone down in the hair department, looking more and more like a high up Al-Quieda executive with his upturned curls at the sides and full beard-scoring at will as he always does. Max Milton, going for the Michael Jackson mullet, struck fear in the hearts of Pinner wingers everytime he had the ball. I think he had loads of tries disallowed for allegedly putting his foot in touch – not that this was seen by the ref but called belatedly as he sauntered in to score freely. I seem to remember him scoring under the posts and genuinely politely asking if he had put his foot into touch. He accepted these annulments with class and humour. Harry Grech, who arrived for his first game at Headstone lane looking like James Roycroft’s long lost twin. Modelling his appearance on the great scrum half,  he certainly has James’s speed and fearlessness, using what little ball he had in gaining key yards for the team.

We have 2 men of the match as I couldn’t split them. One for defence and one for attack. Defensively ,Nick Leakey, with slightly more pedestrian hair, arrived hesitantly concerned about ruining his back. He spent the afternoon ruining Pinner backs as opposed to his own with his tackling, humbly and seamlessly accepting a try offered up to him. He is so understated and unassuming off the pitch but loves the defensive shift.

In attack, I recall that last week, Duncan Wilson, with more adventurous hair than Nick, could be described as a Japanese car, a sort of Toyota Corolla  Nissan Micra. Efficient, reliable, with  all the features, gadgets and gizmos. A utilitarian Jack of All Trades. Good passer, runner etc. This week he elevated himself to a Lexus, showing a hitherto unseen side to his game with some excellent playmaking and flair. Deserving the offensive man of the match for creative vision in releasing wave after wave of deluxe back play , making the outcome of the game safe after 20 minutes.

A key factor in turning such dominance was the ever increasing flamboyance of Alex Spencer-Hope whose hair is certainly becoming as exhuberant as his game. An area where he is beginning to  create real danger is his kicking game. Always known for his speed, he now launches towering kicks, putting opposition fullbacks under pressure which resulted in numerous scores. Relishing his new role at 10, he has certainly proved why he was awarded player’s player of the year last season.

Charlie just seems to do all the important things correctly and Noyan, the Abe Simpson of OMS because he always says ‘In my day ‘ never had a bad hair day in his life. He arrived at half time , perfectly attired as always, driving nail after nail into Pinner’s coffin with his ground work. Special praise goes to our twins AJ and Will who stopped everything Pinner threw at them and Fraser gave his famous glare, you know the glare he gives to any opposition forward who tries to punch the smallest player in our team. That glare stops everything in its tracks, it’s a glare that shouts’ I am not impressed when a big player wants to take his frustrations on the smallest player’ . Luckily for the big player, the reason why a fight didn’t break out is that none of Duncan’s relatiatory punches could actually reach the Pinner man.

Our scrum was also effective. Alex Bramley, who has had vast chunks of his hair recently removed,   is just so technical and knowledgeable about the game. He understands rugby and applies his knowledge to the tight and inspires his older Front row mates whose names I don’t need to mention.

I am saving the last part of the report for the champagne moment. Paul Wyllie , ball in hand, placed a perfect chip kick that bounced up kindly into Alex Spencer Hope’s hands for him to score. He then uttered ‘ I’ve always wanted to do this. Well 7 years of OMS rugby and yes, Paul, you got to fulfil one of your lifetime ambitions at Oms. Glad to be of service.

2 wins in our first 2 league games. Japanese on the 15th!!!



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