Chesham 3s 5 OM2s 22


This is most bizarre!!! Us, winning our first match of the season. This needs to go straight to the X-files. It doesn’t and shouldn’t happen BUT IT DID!!!!! The only time this has happened was that season!!! You know, the 2013-2014 season and we all know what happened then don’t we,PRH!!!(For those especially rusty on their history,it was our special double year!!)

What a start and what a game! Chesham’s coach is a female international prop and it showed as they had a pack full of props and I felt it!!! This game was really won on key bellweather moments so despite forward dominance, the opening try was beautifully crafted from Kevin KK’s flick up pass. Kevin KK was really the class act on the pitch, raising our expectations everytime he had the ball. We are in the process of bribing his partner in granting him more exeat passes for matches-watch this space. Not to be outshone by his more venerated older brother, the understated and unfussy Keith KK likes to do his talking in the rucks, stealing and securing ball for his more illustrious older brother.

The first bell weather moment was a penalty scrum to Chesham on our five metre line . Expecting to be marched backwards, we were awarded a penalty for early engagement which was more due to my slowness in engaging but the referee interpreted it as them engaging early rather than me engaging late. We cleared our lines and scored. Their scrum dominance eventually caused them to equalise but we had a fantastic tactic in kick and chase where another try resulted with Kevin KK going under the posts.Thus 12-7 up at half time. Paul Wyllie, restricted to touchline duties on this occasion, almost gave a man of the match award for shouting!!! He shouted upbeat churchillian instructions throughout the whole game and was panting at the end! A man with a plethora of words on most occasions( we look forward to your speeches in 2 weeks time), he could only manage a couple of grunts at the end and I suspect that Rebecca W smartly took her opportunity in the car journey home to dominate the conversation and recite her request list with Paul who was too breathless to respond. His vocal range is normally tenor but in our post match analysis phonecall, his voice was more bass, akin to Barry White, such was the scarring on his vocal chords.

Will Obree also showed his class with lineout steals( He is a posher version of Ianni!) and Fraser did what Fraser always does which is look after his team mates after a high tackle and a yellow card to their flanker , Fraser was first in there letting the biggest player in the team know what David did to Goliath(Fraser has a rugby career in letting behemoths know that size isn’t everything!) We also had 2 twins(AJ and Will), one with a beard and one who dissapointingly couldn’t grow one who tackled everything at 2nd row , scored a try and Luke B just fearlessly runs straight through brickwalls, gaining important ground for the team.

Duncan Wilson is a modicum of efficiency, a bit like a compact Japanese car. He does all the things you want him to do, getting the ball from A to B in an efficient straight line and Alex Spencer Hope relished time at 10 with some huge kicks that really put fear amongst Chesham backs. Some new recruits who had the misfortune of playing cricket with me this summer also contributed.Dan Downer had the short straw coping with the dominant scrum but had a positive attitude and was keen to learn. Tino oozed infectious enthusiasm as he always does and Ravi had a great run down the right that set up a try for another new recruit, Exeter Nick, a clever player, who made the game safe for us.

Champagne moments went to two players, Charlie the winger for a try in the beginning and our cowboy booted American prop Josh Cohen, who took out his frustrations at scrum time with a well measured and powerful hit on one of the Chesham behemoths, close to our touchline. On the American theme, with regard to this report THAT’s ALL FOLKS!!!

Mabulla Mabulla Mabulla Ha!!!!

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