Old Millhillians AXV 15 – 13 Fullerians – The nemesis vanquished

Speechless since Saturday which explains the lateness and unusual brevity of this report. No one could bear the thought of this nameless nemesis ending our season last Saturday and it was a total team effort from start to finish that ensures that we have a small matter of a final to enjoy !!!!

It didn’t start at all well. 4 drop outs when we met in the Hammers with Luke, Tom and myself knocking on random people’s doors asking them if they want to play. Eventually Emilio was pestered by phone to emerge from deep slumber where Chris Roycroft broke a few highway laws in order to scoop him up before he changed his mind. The Hammers was a hive of activity with large amounts of pre-match fish and chips being shared around (not too willingly ) amongst the gang. Another great contribution came from the lesser known but urbane Sandra Roycroft who spent the whole first half making sure Zak Petrides Teichman could make a second half cameo.

Our well known tactic of arriving to the game late whilst the opposition are doing their warm up has served us well (Hatfield, Letchworth, Albanians) and Saturday was no different. 30mins before kick off we were still phoning in players asking for whereabouts (de rigeur for mabulla rugby)-The fruitfulness of this late arrival tactic was justified when Kevin Karikari ran in a very early try.

My legal battles when writing about this opposition are well known so I will refrain from describing in too much detail the extent of provocation we had to endure as the most important thing is that we stood up to it and matched them everywhere on the pitch!!

This is the very first time in mabulla history that I cant name a man of the match because all 16 of us were !!! – Everyone played to their optimum and no one backed down. Fraser cranked up his usual ‘ you can have some of me if you like’ and Wyllie made it his personal mission to neutralise their number 5 (big source of unpleasantness), which he did. A significant moment of the match was their failure to convert a 5 metre scrum into a try as we forced him backwards that resulted in a penalty to us!- That moment characterised the game as they went for a kick at the posts rather than running a penalty because collectively as a team we refused to let them anywhere near our try line. Jack McCooke played out of his upper class skin, with Adam Boxer displaying a complete set of back row skills. Emilio‘s fitness and strength resulted in the winning try with 20 minutes to go andLuke Bodnar went on his ‘get out of my way ‘ runs which brought us time and made loads of yards. Even though there was no man of the match, champagne moment had to go to the coolest man in the team, Zak Teichmann for a try saving manoeuvre which sent out a message that ‘if you want to score, you have to kick’

Thomas Roycroft-davis – I cant say anything more about him that hasn’t been said already and the same for our players player of the yearAlexander Spencer-hope. We know what they both bring to the team! The Gallaghers fizzed around to great effect and don’t Lex’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ tweed jacket and hat fool you. Rock solid and a great range of skills. Rory ‘ Where has John been hiding you all those years? You are so what we need in our team’. He went on a solo run which burnt up more seconds.

I have run out of words for a change!!!


MABULLA MABULLA MABULLA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gideon Felton

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